Driving In The Wrong Direction – Recent Incidents

In the recent past there have been a variety of “wrong-way” driver incidents on Chicago area expressways. Some of these incidents involved accidents, including fatal accidents.

Here is a list, in reverse chronological order, of “wrong-way” driver incidents that have been widely reported, along with links to the relevant Elman Law Group blog posts concerning these incidents:

April 15, 2012: “Five-Car Accident On Route 41 In North Chicago, Illinois Attributed To Wrong-Way Driver

April 10, 2012: “‘Wrong-Way’ Driver Travels 10 Miles On Interstate 90 (I90) In Illinois

April 2, 2012: “‘Wrong-Way’ Driver On Edens Expressway In Wilmette, Illinois

February 22, 2012: “Another “Wrong-Way” Driver Incident On Chicago’s Kennedy Expressway

February 11, 2012: “”Wrong-Way” Driver Collides With Car On Chicago’s Eisenhower Expressway

February 9, 2012: “Wrong-Way Driver Collides With Car And Van On Chicago’s Lake Shore Drive

February 6, 2012: “4 Dead In Wrong-Way Car Accident On I-80 In Hazel Crest, Illinois

February 3, 2012: “Wrong-Way Driver On Chicago’s Stevenson Expressway Drives 6 Miles, Then Crashes “Head-On” Into Another Car

January 16, 2012: “‘Wrong-Way’ Driver Incident On Chicago’s Kennedy Expressway

December 15, 2011: “Wrong-Way Driver Travels For Over 11 Miles On Illinois’ Edens Expressway

As well, there have been a variety of other “wrong-way” incidents in 2011, both on Chicago-area expressways as well as other roadways. These crashes included that of August 6, as seen in the post titled “2 Killed On I88 In Lisle During Wrong-Way Head-On Collision

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