Evidence Sealed In Carly Rousso Case

There is news regarding the evidence in the case of Carly Rousso, concerning the Labor Day pedestrian accident that resulted in the death of 5-year-old Jaclyn Santos-Sacramento.  That accident was summarized in the post of September 4 (“Fatal Pedestrian Accident In Highland Park, Illinois“) and a subsequent blog post of September 12 titled “New Charges Brought In Carly Rousso Case.”

An excerpt from the October 25 Lake County News-Sun article titled “Evidence in fatal Highland Park crash barred from release” :

Evidence such as video surveillance and police reports from the fatal accident that took the life of a Highland Park 5-year-old on Labor Day will not be released to the public or the media until after the woman charged goes to trial.


Rousso has pleaded not guilty to reckless homicide and aggravated DUI charges for the death of Jaclyn Santos, 5. Authorities allege that Rousso, 18, was under the influence of difluorethane when she drove onto a sidewalk in Highland Park and ran over Jaclyn.

The Santos family is seeking damages in excess of $50,000 against Rousso in a wrongful death lawsuit pending in Lake County. A similar protective order barring the release of evidence is in place in the wrongful death lawsuit.

The evidence is being withheld both in the criminal and civil cases in order to insure that Rousso gets a fair trial, according to Ken LaRue, cheif of the Lake County State’s Attorney’s Traffic Division.

Additional details and possible updates can be seen in a variety of media sources including the Lake County News-Sun article mentioned above, the October 26 Highland Park Patch article titled “Carly Rousso Evidence Sealed Until After Trial,” and the October 25 Chicago Tribune article titled “Evidence sealed in alleged ‘huffing’ crash.”


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