Major Highway Car Accidents Caused By Distracted & Inattentive Driving

A story of June 13 titled “Fatal Wisconsin Crash illustrates dangers faced by inattentive drivers” highlights the perils of distracted driving and accidents that can result from such.

The article relates the story of a Wisconsin State Trooper, David Arras, who witnessed a car driven by John Bradshaw crash into a parked bus Arras had pulled over for speeding.

According to the article:

“My car had so many lights on; I don’t know how he could possibly not see my car,” said Arras, admitting that he wonders why Bradshaw hit the bus if he’d actually seen it. “This was a tragic accident, one that still plays in my mind daily. It’s probably the worst I will ever see.”

The article theorizes what may have caused the crash. ┬áIt also talks of other similar crashes that may have been caused by “distracted driving” or other forms of inattentiveness, such as “highway hypnosis” aka “white line fever.”

According to the article:

“National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports reveal distracted driving related crashes caused nearly 5,500 deaths and 450,000 injuries during 2009, according to Randy Romanski, transportation safety chief for the State Patrol.”