The NSTB Recommendation To Ban Use Of PEDs By Drivers

On December 13 the NSTB (National Safety Transportation Board) issued a recommendation to ban the use of all PEDs (portable electronic devices) while driving; the release is titled “No call, no text, no update behind the wheel:  NSTB calls for nationwide ban on PEDs while driving.”

This recommendation has generated controversy and much debate on the use of cellphones and other electronic devices while driving.

The NSTB highlights a variety of major accidents that have resulted from driver inattentiveness due to the use of electronic devices.  The primary accident cited in the December 13 release concerns a 19-year-old driver of a pickup truck who was frequently texting before he got into an accident on August 15, 2010.   In the accident, two people died and 38 others were injured.

One editorial concerning this NSTB recommendation, and similar recommendations, is seen in the December 23 Chicago Tribune editorial titled “Hang up and drive.”

The editorial argues against a nationwide ban of all such PEDs, and instead recommends more enforcement of distracted driving “laws already on the books.”  As well, it recommends that all individual drivers take the risks of distracted driving more seriously…including, in the words of the editorial, “Keep your hands (thumbs and all) on the wheel.”


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