Accidents Involving “Head-On Collisions”

Accidents Involving “Head-On Collisions”

As discussed on this site, there are many reasons for car accidents as well as those involving other vehicles, such as motorcycles and trucks.

Among those reasons is when one vehicle drives into the path of an oncoming vehicle, and a “head-on collision” occurs.  These types of highly traumatic accidents are especially noteworthy as they often lead to serious accident injuries to those involved, and these accident injuries are in many cases fatal.

Reasons For “Head-On Collisions”

There are many reasons why one vehicle may travel into the path of an oncoming vehicle.  Among the broad reasons include:

Loss Of Vehicle Control

There are many reasons why a driver may lose control of the vehicle.  This subject is more fully discussed on the “Lake County Loss Of Control Accidents” page.  Many of the reasons for loss of control have to do with the driver’s actions.  For instance, a driver may be going too fast around a curve, and lose control of the vehicle.

Another reason for loss of control is a mechanical failure.  For instance, a tire blowout may occur, causing the car to become unstable.  Such instability may make it very hard for the drive of the car to maintain control.  The car may leave the roadway, or it may cross the center line.  If it does cross the center line, and there are oncoming vehicles, a “head-on collision” can occur.

Another common reason for loss of control is weather-related road hazards.  For instance, an icy road may cause a driver to slide and cross the center line; or standing water may cause hydroplaning.  Hydroplaning can also lead to a loss of vehicle control, causing the vehicle to enter into the lane of oncoming traffic.

Driver Impairment

There are many reasons for driver impairment.  While, in the past, the most common reason for driver impairment was driving after drinking (i.e. drunk driving) another type of driver impairment – driving after drug use – has been rapidly increasing.  This “drugged driving” has caused many recent accidents, and is further discussed on the “Car Accidents Involving Drivers Under The Influence Of Drugs” page.  Due to the level of driver impairment typically caused by drug use, crossing the center line while driving can be a likely outcome.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving has been a significant cause of vehicle accidents in Illinois.  The “Distracted Driving Accidents And Injuries” page further discusses the issue, including various statistics associated with this traffic safety issue.  Distracted driving has the potential to cause a vehicle to cross into opposing lanes of traffic and cause a “head-on collision.”

Wrong-Way Driving

“Wrong-Way Drivers” have caused many accidents, including many fatal accidents.  As seen in the posts under the “Wrong-Way Drivers” category, there have been various incidents and crashes in the Chicago area, as well as Lake County, over the last few years.  Due to the fact that people driving in the wrong direction are typically unexpected, and driving directly against the flow of traffic, “head-on collisions” are likely during “wrong-way driver” accidents.

Lake County “Head-On Collisions”

There have been a number of “head-on collisions” in Lake County in recent years.  Here are various accidents that have been summarized on this site:

Accident Injuries Resulting From “Head-On Collisions”

Due to the nature of “head-on collisions” – which typically involve higher speeds – such collisions are usually highly physically traumatic. There can be a broad range of accident injuries that result from such accidents.  As such, it is difficult to generalize what injuries may result from such accidents involving frontal impacts.

Also, the severity of such accident injuries can vary significantly.  However, it should be noted that vehicle occupants are typically hurt, and many such crashes result in fatal injuries.

One common type of injury that can be involved is head trauma.  These head impacts can lead to various types of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) which is further discussed on the “Head Injuries That Occur During Accidents” page as well as the “Concussions And Other Head Injuries” page.

What To Do If Involved In A Collision

There are a number of steps one should take if involved in an accident.  Broadly stated, these steps are needed to protect both one’s health as well as legal rights with regard to the ability to collect accident injury compensation in cases where the injuries were caused by the negligence of another party.

Ten steps to take after an accident are discussed on the “Steps To Take After An Auto Accident” page.  As discussed on that page, these steps should be taken as soon as possible after an accident.

While many of these steps involve legal issues, another issue of great importance is protecting one’s health.  While most accident injuries will be readily apparent after an accident, and it may seem obvious as to whether medical treatment is necessary, it should be noted that there are many reasons why a thorough medical exam after an accident is recommended.  These reasons are further discussed on the “Important Reasons For Getting A Medical Exam After An Accident.”  Among the reasons for going to the hospital is that many injuries can only be thoroughly evaluated and properly treated at the emergency room (ER.)  Also, for legal reasons, it is highly advisable to have such injuries properly evaluated and documented immediately after an accident.

The Filing Of An Accident Injury Lawsuit

If a person has been hurt during an accident, and the injuries are the fault of another person, a personal injury lawsuit may be filed in order to pursue accident injury compensation.  [in the case of a fatal accident, relevant parties can pursue compensation for the loss of life through the filing of a wrongful death lawsuit.]  The lawyers at the Elman Joseph Law Group can help you determine whether the filing of a lawsuit is warranted, as well as what types of compensation and amounts of compensation may be expected given the specific circumstances regarding the accident and accompanying injuries.

Types Of Accident Injury Compensation

While levels and types of potential injury compensation vary according to the accident and resulting medical situation, general types of compensation include:

  • Medical costs (including past, current and future expenditures)
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disability
  • Disfigurement
  • Loss of function
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of consortium
  • Other economic damages

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