Dangerous Intersections And The Accidents Causing Injury That Occur

Identification Of Dangerous Intersections

“Dangerous intersections” are those that have characteristics that make crashes more likely to occur. Dangerous intersections often have an abnormally high number of accidents. Often, due to the frequency of accidents, such intersections undergo design changes. However, these changes, if made, in many cases can take years to occur.

There are many junctions in Chicago and the greater Chicago area which can be considered to exhibit the unsafe characteristics.

Characteristics Of Dangerous Intersections

There are many potential factors that can contribute to a hazardous situation. While there is no set of official factors, the following are widely considered to contribute to an unsafe driving environment:

High amounts of traffic, especially if the roadways weren’t designed for the traffic volume

Often, high amounts of traffic contributes to an unsafe environment. This is especially true if the intersection was not designed for high volumes of traffic.

These intersections often have congestion and otherwise exhibit poor traffic flow. Some drivers may feel compelled to violate traffic laws in these situations in order to more quickly get past the intersection. Among these infractions include running red lights, failing to yield the right of way, speeding and other forms of reckless driving.

Too much complexity at an intersection or a confusing traffic layout

There are many junctions involving the convergence of multiple streets. While these confusing situations can occur in any locale, they can be especially prevalent in urban environments.

If motorists are confused or otherwise not familiar with a complex intersection, the potential for crashes can be increased. Drivers may not be aware of the traffic flow, or otherwise not realize where traffic may be coming from.

Poor visibility and/or poor lighting

If there are multiple streets that converge, it can be difficult to see where traffic is coming from. Traffic may flow from multiple angles.

Another aspect of this traffic visibility is if there is poor lighting at the intersection. This can make traffic especially hard to see at night, thereby increasing the potential for crashes.

Lack of adequate traffic control

A junction may not be properly designed to handle the amount of traffic. As such, there may be a lack of traffic controls, such as properly configured stop lights or stop signs.

In the absence of such traffic control, there can be too much ambiguity and risk inherent in the traffic situation.

Inappropriate speed limit

If the speed limit is too high – or too low – it may lead to vehicles becoming involved in crashes. Driving at excessive speeds is inherently risky, and this risk may be particularly heightened as a vehicle approaches and passes through a junction.

Absence of dedicated turning lanes

The absence of turning lanes can create many risks, especially at busy crossings. A lack of turning lanes can cause congestion, and some drivers may take inappropriate actions in order to more quickly pass through the intersection.

Lake County Intersection Accidents

On this site, many Lake County crashes have been summarized. Some of these crashes have occurred at intersections. As well, due to the number of collisions causing injury a number of intersections have been labeled as “dangerous” over time.

Among the many junctions at which crashes have occurred include North Chicago (Route 43 and Route 137); near Wadsworth (at Route 173 and Kilbourne Road); and Grand Avenue and Hunt Club Road.

As seen in the Lake County accidents, these accidents have involved all types of road users. In addition to those traveling in passenger vehicles and trucks, motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians have all been involved in intersection accidents.

What To Do If Injured In An Accident

There are various steps one should take if injured during an accident. Generally speaking, these steps help protect one’s health as well as maximize the ability to get compensation if the accident was someone else’s fault.

Getting proper medical attention is very important if injured during an accident. There are many different types of injuries that can occur during an accident. Having a thorough medical examination, which is typically performed at a hospital, helps identify and assess all injuries that have occurred. This examination is important, because various serious injuries may have occurred but may not be obvious to the injured person. Once all injuries have been identified and assessed, a proper course of medical treatment can be administered.

Depending upon the types and severities of the injuries, various medical treatment may be required. This treatment may include hospitalization, testing, procedures, and surgeries. Various types of rehabilitation, including occupational therapy and physical therapy, may be warranted.

Getting compensated for the injuries and other harm is often a very important issue. Depending upon the characteristics of the injuries, significant if not substantial medical care may be required. This medical care is often expensive. As well, there can be many other financial hardships that accompany being injured. For example, the injured person may be unable to work for a time. During this time, there can be lost income.

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