Driving While Impaired Accidents That Occur In Lake County

Driving while impaired continues to be a substantial traffic safety issue. On this site, individual Lake County accidents involving driving while impaired are summarized in posts found in the “DUI” category.

While driving while impaired historically involved drunk driving, in recent years there have been many incidents and accidents involving drivers impaired by drugs. While the drugs taken vary significantly, among the most common types of drugs used are marijuana, heroin, cocaine, and meth. The impairment effect of these drugs can be magnified if the drugs are mixed and/or alcohol is consumed during the drug use.

Due to the often significant, if not substantial, level of driver impairment, many Chicago-area accidents involving “drugged drivers” have led to serious accident injuries. Often, the accident has resulted in one or more fatalities.

Driving while impaired by drugs is further discussed on the “Car Accidents Involving Drivers Under The Influence Of Drugs” page. Marijuana use before driving, and the resulting impairment and consequences, is discussed on the “Marijuana Use As A Cause Of Drug-Impaired Driving” page as well as the “Marijuana Use Before Driving And The Potential For Accidents” page. As mentioned on those pages concerning cannabis use before driving, there seems to be much uncertainty as to what effect marijuana can have on driving ability and the likelihood of cannabis usage causing an accident. As well, marijuana can be smoked, vaped, and eaten, and the resulting impairment can vary.

There have been various Lake County accidents and incidents involving drivers impaired by drug use. In the Highland Park Patch article of February 5, 2020 titled “2-Car Crash On Route 41…” an accident is summarized in which a driver was charged for driving under the influence of drugs. As seen in the article, the two-car accident occurred at the intersection of Skokie Valley Road and Deerfield Road.