Driving While Impaired Alleged In Deerfield “Hit & Run” Accident

Driving while impaired, as well as that throughout Illinois, continues to be pose a hazard to traffic safety. As seen in many Lake County accidents, many involve drunk drivers. On this site, alcohol-impaired driving accidents are summarized in posts found under the DUI category.  As seen in those posts, these crashes often result in serious injuries, and some result in fatalities.

As well, many accidents in which there is driving while impaired also involve the driver leaving the accident scene, i.e. a “hit & run.” A drunk driver may choose to leave the accident scene to try to avoid blame for the accident.

The December 31, 2018 Deerfield Patch article titled “Drunk Driver Leaves License Plate Behind After Hit-And-Run: Cops” discusses a November 16, 2018 accident in which the driver was allegedly driving while impaired and involved in an accident. The accident involved a car “rear-ending” another car, which in turn led to a “chain-reaction” crash. The allegedly drunk driver then left the accident scene.

An excerpt from the article:

A Deerfield man accused of fleeing the scene of a drunken traffic crash last month faces a pair of felony DUI charges after leaving pieces of his license plate behind, according to police reports.

Additional details regarding this Lake County accident involving alleged driving while impaired by alcohol can be seen in the article mentioned above.


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