Elman Law Group Wins $746,000 Jury Verdict

Anthony R. Elman of Elman Law Group, LLC has successfully achieved a $746,000 gross jury verdict on a rotator cuff injury (less 20% for comparative negligence) after a week-long trial involving a slip & fall lawsuit filed on behalf of a 76-year-old woman. The case, Geneva Lewis vs. Pierre’s, was tried in Chicago (Cook County) Illinois.

Elman Law Group took the case to trial after there was no settlement offer from the in-house insurance defense law firm of Maisel and Associates of Traveler’s Insurance Co.

The case involved a 76-year-old plaintiff (Geneva Lewis) who, on February 25, 2009, suffered a rotator cuff tear injury that was caused by a fall allegedly because of a wet floor in Pierre’s Bakery (the defendant) in Blue Island, Illinois. The plaintiff had arthroscopic surgery about year and a half after the accident.

Defendant argued that the floor was completely dry and that there were warning signs present throughout the bakery floor from two hours earlier when the floor was last mopped. Defendant employees also testified that the floor was inspected after the accident and it was dry. Defense further contended that the 76-year-old plaintiff’s injury to her right shoulder was caused by degenerative arthritis due to her old age.

Plaintiff’s medical bills were $85,000. Anthony Elman’s last settlement demand was $250,000, and he requested $1,500,000 from the jury in closing arguments at the jury trial.

The trial occurred from June 17 – June 20, with Judge Michael Panter.


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