Internal Injuries Resulting From Chicago-Area Vehicle Accidents

Internal Injuries

There is a broad range of internal injuries which can have varying effects on one’s health and livelihood.

Internal injuries can involve trauma and damage to various organs and tissues. Among the most common internal injuries are:

  • Internal bleeding
  • Brain injuries, including brain bleeding
  • Broken ribs
  • Chest trauma causing internal injuries
  • Pneumothorax
  • Kidney damage
  • Liver Damage
  • Ruptured Spleen
  • Other organ damage

Internal bleeding can occur in various areas within the body. There can be a variety of internal bleeding symptoms that may manifest. However, in many cases it may not be immediately obvious.

Internal Injuries Resulting From Vehicle Accidents

Internal injuries can occur during a car accident or other vehicle accident. Vehicle accidents are often (very) physically traumatic to vehicle occupants. The reasons for the car accident injuries is somewhat dependent upon the type of vehicle accident that has occurred. For instance, among the most traumatic crashes is a “head-on collision.” These crashes often subject all vehicle occupants to very strong and highly unnatural forces. While the type and severity of accident injuries stemming from these crashes vary, it is not uncommon for such crashes to lead to life-threatening injuries, as well as fatalities. While passenger restraint systems such as airbags and seat belts can help prevent some types of injuries, due to the severity of such crashes injuries often still result.

High degrees of physical trauma, such as from the accidents discussed above, can cause a wide range of injuries, including internal injuries. Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) often occur in various types of vehicle accidents. These traumatic brain injuries vary in severity, from mild concussions to life-threatening severe brain injuries. Such head trauma can occur during any vehicle accident. As seen in many Chicago-area accidents, pedestrian and motorcycle accidents are among those that can lead to serious brain injuries. Traumatic brain injuries are further discussed on the “Head Injuries That Occur During Accidents” page. As discussed on that page, these injuries can have many symptoms. However, these symptoms, even in severe head trauma incidents, may take a while to manifest. In severe head trauma incidents which go untreated, there can be a risk that the health condition becomes life-threatening in nature.

Getting A Medical Exam After An Accident

After one is hurt in an accident, it is highly recommended that the person gets a thorough medical exam. The reasons for this are fully discussed on the “Important Reasons For Getting A Medical Exam After An Accident” page. This medical exam is meant to identify all injuries, including those injuries such as internal injuries that may not be readily apparent. After all injuries are identified, a proper course of medical treatment can be administered.

This medical exam is typically performed in the emergency room (ER). A variety of tests can be performed, depending upon the accident and other criteria. Among the tests that may be performed are blood tests, CT scans, MRIs, and x-rays. Blood pressure and other vital statistics such as heart rate are usually monitored.

Legal Issues Concerning Accident Injuries

If you are hurt in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you may be entitled to injury compensation. Many kinds of accident injuries, including the internal injuries listed above, may require significant if not substantial medical treatment. Even for those with health insurance, the resulting medical bills can be large. Getting adequate injury compensation becomes very important, both to cover the cost of medical care as well as to compensate for many other monetary and non-monetary issues resulting from the accident injuries.

In order to achieve the highest level of injury compensation, many steps need to be taken. These steps should be taken as soon as possible after the accident. These steps are discussed in the “Steps To Take After An Auto Accident” page. One of those steps is to contact a qualified personal injury lawyer. Tony Elman, Lead Trial Attorney at the Elman Law Group, offers a free legal consultation concerning your accident injuries. He can be contacted at 773-392-8182.