Intersection Accidents And The Injuries That Occur

Intersection Accidents

Intersection accidents can occur for many different reasons. These intersection accidents often result in serious accident injuries for those involved. As well, depending upon the specific characteristics, an intersection crash can lead to one or more fatalities.

There are many different road users that can be injured in intersection crashes. In addition to car, SUV, and truck drivers, motorcyclists, pedestrians, and bicyclists are often involved.

Reasons For Intersection Crashes

Among the common reasons for collisions at these junctions include:

When a motorist runs through a red light

Red-light running remains a serious traffic safety hazard. When a motorist disregards a traffic control signal, that driver creates a potentially highly dangerous situation for all vehicles in the area.

Running a red light can result in highly forceful collisions. These collisions often subject vehicle occupants to very strong and unnatural physical forces that can result in many types of serious injuries.

Many of these crashes are “t-bone collisions” in which one vehicle is hit in the side by another vehicle.

“Rear-End Collisions”

When one vehicle runs into a vehicle in front of it, the accident can result in many different types of injuries to drivers and other vehicle occupants. These collisions often occur at stop lights. If the driver in the rearward vehicle is distracted, that driver may fail to stop before hitting the vehicle ahead. These crashes can also occur if the trailing vehicle is traveling too fast to stop before hitting the vehicle ahead. If there are adverse weather conditions, the ability to adequately slow or stop may be impacted.

Injuries that occur due to a vehicle getting “rear-ended” vary in type and severity. Some of these accidents result in fatalities. Others result in many types of serious accident injuries. One of the most common types of injuries is “whiplash” which is further discussed on the “whiplash” page.

Accidents Involving Turning Vehicles

There are many types of accidents that occur when vehicles are turning. Some of these accidents happen when the driver who is turning misjudges the speed or distance of the oncoming vehicle and a collision occurs. As well, the turning driver may fail to see the oncoming vehicle and make a turn into the path of the oncoming vehicle.

There are other types of accidents that involve turning vehicles. One of the most common accidents involving motorcycles is when a turning driver “fails to see” an oncoming motorcycle. If the driver attempting to turn makes the turn immediately in front of the oncoming motorcycle, a collision can occur. This type of collision has proven to be very harmful to the motorcyclist, as it is largely a frontal or “head-on” collision. This type of collision is extremely forceful, and the motorcyclist inherently has very little protection in this scenario.

As seen in Lake County motorcycle collisions summarized on this site – as well as other Illinois motorcycle accidents – these collisions often cause severe injuries to motorcyclists, and if applicable, passengers. Many of these injuries are life-threatening in nature, and result in immediate fatalities at the accident scene.

Other intersection accidents involving turning vehicles involve bicyclists getting hurt. There are a number of ways that vehicles can collide with bicycles at these junctions. One type of accident is commonly referred to as a “left-hook” accident. In this type of accident, a bicyclist who is riding through an intersection is hit by a vehicle making a left-hand turn from the opposite direction. This often occurs when the driver of the vehicle fails to see the bicyclist, or misjudges the speed or distance of the bicyclist. This type of collision often results in serious injuries to the bicycle rider.

Another type of collision involving bicyclists that can occur is commonly referred to as a “right-hook” accident. In this type of collision, a bicyclist who is riding straight is hit by a vehicle that turns right. This right turn occurs immediately in front of the bicyclist, or when the bicyclist is next to the vehicle. In either case, the force of the turning vehicle causes a collision which can lead to a number of scenarios in which the bicyclist can be seriously hurt. Often these collisions occur because the driver of the vehicle doesn’t see the bicyclist or fails to accurately judge the distance between the vehicle and bicycle. Bicycle accidents and the types of injuries that typically occur are further discussed on the “Lake County IL Bicycle Accidents” page.

Other accidents at intersections involve vehicles hitting pedestrians. There are many pedestrian accidents that have occurred at or near intersections. Many accidents involve a vehicle that is turning failing to yield to one or more people who are lawfully crossing in the crosswalk. Other accidents occur when a person or persons tries to cross the street “against the light.” Pedestrian accidents often result in serious accident injuries, and in some cases fatalities. These accidents are further discussed on the “Lake County Pedestrian Accidents” page.

What To Do If Injured In An Intersection Accident

If you are injured in an intersection accident there are various steps to take. These steps address both health as well as legal issues.

10 such steps are discussed on the “10 Steps To Take After An Accident” page.

As mentioned on that page, one very important step is to get a thorough medical exam. This medical exam is meant to identify all accident injuries, both those that are apparent as well as those that may not be obvious. Among injuries that can be serious in nature but not readily apparent are various types of internal bleeding, head trauma, and soft tissue damage. This medical exam is typically conducted in a hospital emergency room (ER). Once all injuries have been identified and assessed, there can be proper medical treatment.

The medical treatment needed for accident injuries can vary substantially due to the injuries. Serious injuries can require hospitalization, testing, possible surgeries, and rehabilitation.

This medical treatment is often costly. As well, the injured person may be presented with other financial hardships such as inability to work for a time, leading to lost income. As well, there can be other financial issues including property damage, such as a damaged vehicle; ambulance charges; and various other expenses.

Due to these financial issues – as well as for other reasons – people who have been injured due to the fault of another person often seek compensation through the filing of a personal injury lawsuit. For accidents that result in fatalities, relevant parties can file a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of the person who was killed.

There are various categories of compensation that may be available. General categories include:

  • Medical costs (including past, current and future expenditures)
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disability
  • Disfigurement
  • Loss of function
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of consortium
  • Other economic damages

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