Lake Villa-area Illinois girl suffers head injury March 30

While riding her bicycle in Lake Villa on March 30, a 10-year old girl suffered a head injury.  As of the story’s publishing on March 31, she was expected to survive, according to police.

The 10-year old girl was hit by a sports utility vehicle while she bicycling across the street at about 1:30 p.m. on March 30, near the corner of Deep Lake Road and Painted Lakes Boulevard.

At the time of the story, the accident was still under investigation by the Major Crash Assistance Team, Lake Villa Police Lt. Dennis Geraty said.  No citations have been issued.

More information on this accident can be found in the story “Lake-Villa area girl struck by car has head injury.”


Bicycling in the Chicago area is a popular activity among people of all ages.

Unfortunately, however, this bicycling presents many risks.  These risks include busy streets, speeding traffic, “aggressive” drivers, and poor roadway conditions.  Bicyclists are urged to take proper precautions, including using safety items such as wearing a helmet.  In the above accident, it was reported that it was unclear as to whether the girl was wearing a helmet at the time of the accident.