Pedestrian Accidents In Lake County And The Resulting Injuries

Pedestrian accidents in Lake County, as well as elsewhere, typically lead to a range of serious accident injuries.  When a person is hit by a vehicle, the person’s body is often subject to very strong and unnatural physical forces.  On this site, Lake County pedestrian accidents and the injuries they have caused are discussed on the “Lake County Pedestrian Accidents” page.  Individual pedestrian accidents in Lake County, many of which have resulted in fatalities, are summarized in posts found under the “Pedestrian Accidents” category.

One type of injury that can occur when a vehicle hits a person is a head injury.  As discussed on the “Head Injuries That Occur During Accidents” page, there are many types of brain injuries that can vary significantly in severity and impact on one’s health and vitality.  While some minor concussions can cause issues that may take a couple of weeks to recover from, other brain injuries can have much greater health impacts.  Many brain injuries that result from vehicle accidents have resulted in fatalities.  For non-fatal serious brain injuries, the adverse health impact can last for months, if not indefinitely.  Depending upon the type of brain injury, hospitalization, surgery, and/or significant amounts of physical and occupational rehabilitation may be required, as well as other forms of medical treatment and care.

On August 10, 2018 there was a Lindenhurst pedestrian accident involving a 5-year-old girl (Leah Dinchak.)  This accident was discussed in two posts, the latest being “Lindenhurst Pedestrian Accident Update Concerning Girl’s Injuries.”  In that August 23 post, her injuries and condition were discussed.

On October 10, 2018 NBC Chicago ran a segment (video and article) titled “‘Better Than Ever’:  5-Year-Old Girl Recovering After Van Accident Left Her In Coma” that provided additional information concerning Leah’s condition as well as her rehabilitation.  An upcoming benefit is also mentioned.

Two excerpts from the article:

Just two months ago Leah fell into a coma after she was hit by a van in Lindenhurst. She suffered brain swelling and an injury to her spine, yet not one broken bone.


Stephany Kunzweiler, Leah’s physical therapist, is key to her progress.

“It’s almost as if she needs to relearn all of her motor skills again like she was when she was an infant,” Kunzweiler said.

Additional details regarding pedestrian accidents in Lake County, including Leah’s accident and subsequent recovery and rehabilitation, can be seen in the sources mentioned above.


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