Reasons For Car Accident Injuries

Types Of Lake County Accidents

On this site many types of Lake County vehicle accidents are discussed.  These accidents include those involving cars, trucks, pedestrians, bicycles, and motorcycles.

Many of these accidents lead to injuries for vehicle occupants.  These injuries range in both type as well as severity, with some being either life-threatening or fatal in nature.   For those that are fatal, the fatality can be either immediately after the accident (i.e. those accidents in which the person dies at the accident scene) or the fatality can happen sometime after the accident, either hours, days, or months later.

Reasons For Lake County Accident Injuries 

There are many reasons as to why accident injuries occur.  While there are various ways to avoid and/or minimize the possibility of accidents and their accompanying injuries, from a general perspective one of the best preventative measures continues to be wearing a seat belt.  The many benefits of seat belt usage, including various statistics and reasons for the benefits of seat belt usage, are discussed on the “The Safety Benefits Of Wearing Seat Belts” page.

Reasons as to why accident injuries occur include the following:

Loss Of Vehicle Control

“Loss of vehicle control” accidents often lead to serious accident injuries, and sometimes fatal injuries.  There are many reasons why a driver can lose control of the vehicle, and often the vehicles that are out of control jeopardize not only the driver but drivers and vehicle occupants in other vehicles.   The reasons for these accidents, as well as both associated medical and legal issues, are discussed on the “Lake County Loss Of Control Accidents” page.

A broad range of injuries can result from such loss of vehicle controls, as seen in various Lake County loss of vehicle control accidents discussed on this site.  Among those accident injuries are those that involve head and neck trauma, especially if those involved in the accident are not wearing seat belts.  Head injuries vary in both type and severity, and serious head injuries can either lead to fatalities or involve various types of permanent injuries and/or impairments.  On this site head injuries are discussed on both the “Concussions And Other Head Injuries” page as well as the “Head Injuries That Occur During Accidents” page.  These loss of control accidents are particularly hazardous as many of them lead to the vehicle leaving the roadway, potentially at high speeds.

Collisions In Which One Vehicle Gets “Rear-Ended”

Accidents in which one vehicle “rear-ends” another vehicle are relatively common.  One cause of such accidents is if a driver is “distracted” and fails to notice the vehicle ahead.  These accidents can be physically traumatic especially to those in the vehicle that is “rear-ended.”  While there are a range of accident injuries that can occur – which vary depending upon the characteristics of the collision – perhaps the most well-known injury resulting from these types of collisions is “whiplash.”  Whiplash is further discussed on the “Whiplash” page.

“Head-On Collisions”

“Head-on collisions” typically are highly physically traumatic to vehicle occupants.  During these collisions high levels of force are exerted on vehicle occupants.  It is not uncommon for these crashes to lead to immediate fatalities, i.e. the vehicle occupant dies at the accident scene.

The subject of “head-on collisions” is further discussed on the “Accidents Involving ‘Head-On Collisions’” page.

Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents often cause serious injuries due to the typically highly traumatic nature of such crashes.  Many accidents lead to injuries that are life-threatening in nature, and some lead to fatalities.  The topic of pedestrian accidents, including medical and legal aspects of such accidents, is further discussed on the “Lake County Pedestrian Accidents” page.   As seen in various Lake County pedestrian accidents as well as those throughout the Chicago area, a broad range of accident injuries can occur.  These accident injuries include concussions and other traumatic brain injuries and various broken bones.

Bicycling Accidents

Bicycling accidents are also among those accidents that are highly physically traumatic and often lead to serious accident injuries, and in some cases fatalities.  The topic of bicycling accidents and the injuries that can occur are discussed on both the “Regarding A Bicycling Accident” page and the “Lake County IL Bicycle Accidents” page.  Among those injuries that occur during bicycle accidents are various types of head injuries – especially if a bicycle helmet is not worn – as well as bone fractures, bruises and abrasions.

What To Do If Involved In A Collision

There are various steps you should take if hurt in an accident.  These steps are needed to protect your health as well as your legal rights, which includes the ability to collect accident injury compensation if the accident was caused by another person.

Ten steps to take after an accident are discussed on the “Steps To Take After An Auto Accident” page.  These steps should be taken as soon as possible after an accident.

While some of these steps involve legal issues, medical issues are also of primary importance.  As further discussed on the “Important Reasons For Getting A Medical Exam After An Accident” page, there are many reasons as to why you should get a comprehensive medical exam if you have been hurt during an accident.  Among the reasons for going to the hospital is that many injuries – including those that are not immediately apparent after an accident – can be identified, thoroughly evaluated and properly treated by qualified medical professionals.  Also, for legal reasons, it is highly advisable to have such injuries properly evaluated and documented as soon as possible after an accident.

The Filing Of An Accident Injury Lawsuit

If a person has been hurt during an accident, and the injuries are the fault of another person, filing a personal injury lawsuit may be warranted.  While personal injury lawsuits are filed for many reasons, one of the primary reasons is to pursue accident injury compensation.  [in the case of a fatal accident, relevant parties can pursue compensation for the loss of life through the filing of a wrongful death lawsuit.]  The lawyers at the Elman Joseph Law Group can help you determine whether the filing of a lawsuit is warranted, as well as what types of compensation and amounts of compensation may be expected given the specific circumstances regarding the accident and the accompanying injuries.   In order to get a free and confidential legal consultation from the Elman Joseph Law Group, call Tony Elman, Lead Trial Attorney, at (773) 392-8182 at any time. 

Elman Joseph Law Group has been handling Illinois personal injury lawsuits for over 25 years.  During this time the firm has handled over 10,000 lawsuits.  It has earned a reputation for its trial capabilities, which often results in higher accident compensation for those injured.

Elman Joseph Law Group handles cases on a “contingency” basis – clients do not pay legal fees unless and until they get money from a lawsuit settlement or court trial (jury award).