Red Light Running Accidents That Cause Injuries And Fatalities

Red Light Running

Red light running continues to be a substantial threat to traffic safety. When a vehicle “runs a red light” it can place all vehicles in the area in serious jeopardy.

There have been many Lake County vehicle accidents that have occurred due to red light running. Various wrecks of this type have been summarized on this site. Some of these accidents have occurred in:

  • Lake Forest (Route 41)
  • Ingleside
  • Highland Park
  • Waukegan
  • Avon Township

As seen in these accidents, serious injuries – and in some cases fatalities – occurred after the vehicle running the red light collided with another vehicle.

There have been many other accidents in the greater Chicago area involving red light running. A Will County accident in which a car allegedly ran a red light and hit a truck is summarized in the “Car Collides With Truck In New Lenox Township” post. In that collision – which occurred near Spencer and Gougar Roads – one driver suffered life-threatening injuries and one driver suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

Another Chicago-area crash in April 2020 occurred in Chicago’s Park Manor neighborhood. That crash occurred after one driver allegedly disregarded a red light. The crash, which led to two fatalities, is summarized in the “Park Manor Car Crash” post.

Increasing Frequency Of Red Light Running Traffic Accident Fatalities

Red light running accidents are causing fatalities on a more frequent basis. According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, red light running running accidents causing death has recently hit a 10-year high. As discussed in the August 29, 2019 press release titled “Red Light Running Deaths Hit 10 Year High,” these driving violations are leading to an increasing number of fatal traffic accidents.

As seen in the AAA press release, many people view driving through a red light as a reckless or careless act, especially in those instances when it puts other drivers at risk. However, while these drivers view driving through a red light as very dangerous, they also admit they have done it recently. As seen in the press release:

According to the AAA Foundation’s latest Traffic Safety Culture Index, 85% of drivers view red light running as very dangerous, yet nearly one in three say they blew through a red light within the past 30 days when they could have stopped safely. More than 2 in 5 drivers also say it is unlikely they’ll be stopped by police for running a red light. Nevertheless, it’s against the law and if a driver is involved in a deadly crash, it could send them to jail.

There are many reasons why serious accidents can occur after one driver blows through a red light. Often, prior to the driver reaching the light, the driver will accelerate to try to get through the intersection while the light is still green or yellow. This acceleration can be significant if not substantial. At the higher speed, any collision will not only cause a more serious crash, but also likely will cause accident injuries of greater severity.

The resulting accident is often of a type that causes a high degree of physical trauma to all vehicle occupants involved. Often the resulting collision will involve a frontal or side impact.

Another example of serious injuries resulting from this type of crash can be seen in the March 18, 2020 article titled “$3 Million Circuit Court Suit Says Woman Was Extensively Injured When Man Ran Red Light…” A driver was seriously injured after her vehicle was hit by a pickup truck that allegedly ran a red light and collided with her vehicle. An excerpt from the article:

The suit says she suffered with a skull fracture, multiple neck strains, multiple broken ribs and a fractured pelvis in at least five places. She was in an intensive care unit at Erlanger Hospital for more than 10 days, and remained in the hospital afterward.

It says she continues to suffer extensive and excruciating pain.

What To Do If Injured By A Negligent Driver

There are many steps one should take if injured due to the negligence or intentional actions of another person.

10 recommended steps are seen on the “10 Steps To Take After An Accident” page.

These 10 steps cover various issues, included those involving both medical and legal matters.

Those who have been injured during an accident should have a thorough medical examination. This medical examination will seek to identify all injuries and their extent. After this medical exam – which is often conducted in the emergency room (ER) – a course of treatment can be determined and implemented.

This examination is intended to check for all injuries. Among the types of tests and other medical diagnostics that can be performed include blood tests, X-rays, MRIs, and determination of pulse rate and blood pressure.

Of note, there can be various serious injuries that may not be apparent to the injured person. Among serious injuries that can exist but may not be readily apparent can include head injuries and internal bleeding. In some cases, if these injuries are not promptly treated, the injuries at some point may become life-threatening in nature. It is for this reason, as well as others, that having a qualified medical professional conduct a thorough medical exam is very important.

Filing A Personal Injury Lawsuit For Injury Compensation

In addition to addressing health issues that occur after one gets hurt in a crash, legal issues also should be properly addressed.

If the accident that led to the injuries was the fault of another person, the injured person may be able to get injury compensation through the filing of a person injury lawsuit.

There are many reasons why someone may want to file a personal injury lawsuit. Those reasons are further discussed on the “Reasons For Filing A Personal Injury Lawsuit After An Accident” page.

While there are many reasons for why someone may want to file a lawsuit, many such lawsuits are filed to get adequate injury compensation. Medical bills and other financial challenges may be substantial after one gets hurt in an accident. A successful suit can provide money for things such as past, present, and future medical bills; lost wages; pain & suffering; and other reasons.

Tony Elman, Lead Trial Attorney at the Elman Joseph Law Group, offers a free initial legal consultation for those that have been injured in an accident that was not their fault. During this consultation he can provide an overview as to the legal process in getting compensation and answer questions one may have. He can be reached anytime at 773-392-8182.