Scott’s Law Description And Video Of Scott’s Law Violations

Scott’s Law is an Illinois law that is supposed to improve traffic safety. It is also known as the “move over law.” A detailed explanation can be found on the “What Is Scott’s Law…” post.

Scott’s Law is supposed to enhance traffic safety by providing extra space from vehicle traffic to those pulled over in traffic. The law is supposed to reduce accidents and injuries to those who may be hit by passing vehicles.

The two main directives from the law is to slow down and move over when there is a stopped emergency vehicle, or a maintenance or construction vehicle with flashing lights. There are various colors of these flashing lights. Among applicable emergency or maintenance vehicles include fire trucks, ambulances, police cars, and tow trucks. Also included are vehicles involved in maintenance and construction.

The Grayslake Patch article of August 21, titled “Sheriff’s Office Video Shows ‘Scott’s Law’ Violations On Route 41” discusses Scott’s Law. The article also shows a video from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office that shows various vehicles violating Scott’s Law along Route 41. [note: many Lake County vehicle accidents along Route 41 have been summarized on this site]

Two excerpts from the article:

“Scott’s Law requires all motorists yield a full-lane or, when unable to yield a full-lane, reduce their speed upon approaching a vehicle with flashing lights (emergency vehicle, DOT vehicle, etc.),” The sheriff’s office wrote in the video post.

also, with regard to penalties for violations of Scott’s Law:

A violation of Scott’s Law that results in an accident during which there’s only property damage, the Secretary of State will suspend the offenders driver’s license for 90 days. However, if the accident results in injury, the suspension will be for 180 days. If an accident results in death, then the Secretary of State will suspend the offender’s license for 2 years.

Additional details regarding Scott’s Law can be found in the sources mentioned above.


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