Truck Accidents

As seen in crash data statistics provided by the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), in 2014 there were over 300 semi truck accidents in Lake County.  Of these accidents, 2 were fatal.

On this site, Lake County truck accidents are seen under the “Truck Accidents” category.  As seen in those posts, there have been many causes of these truck accidents.  Recent accidents appear to involve weather-related loss of control issues.

Overall, there is a broad range of truck accident causes.  The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, in a page titled “The Large Truck Crash Causation Study” (dated July 2007, updated December 19, 2014) discusses statistics regarding truck crashes and their causes.

As seen on the page, the causes (critical reasons) are generally categorized as:

  • Driver (87%)
  • Vehicle (10%)
  • Environment (3%)

Within each of those categories are various reasons.  For instance, within the “Driver” critical reasons are:

  • Non-Performance: The driver fell asleep, was disabled by a heart attack or seizure, or was physically impaired for another reason.
  • Recognition: The driver was inattentive, was distracted by something inside or outside the vehicle, or failed to observe the situation adequately for some other reason.
  • Decision: For example, the driver was driving too fast for conditions, misjudged the speed of other vehicles, or followed other vehicles too closely.
  • Performance: For example, the driver panicked, overcompensated, or exercised poor directional control.

Statistical breakdowns for each are provided.

One recent cause of truck accidents that has received considerable amount of attention is that of truck crashes due to “drowsy driving” – or in some cases the truck driver “falling asleep at the wheel.”  These types of accidents typically occur because the truck driver has not slept or otherwise rested for a prolonged amount of time.

One notable example of such a Chicago-area accident was seen in a fatal truck accident that happened on I-88 on January 27, 2014.  This accident, from which lawsuits were filed, has been investigated by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).

The NTSB report was discussed in the February 9, 2016 NBC Chicago article (with video) titled “Cause of Fiery 2014 Crash That Killed State Trooper Was Likely Driver’s Lack of Sleep: NTSB.”

An excerpt from the article:

The National Transportation Safety Board ruled Tuesday that the probable cause of a fiery 2014 accident on I-88 was a driver’s failure to get adequate sleep.

But the safety agency also faulted that driver’s company, DND International, for failing to adequately police its drivers. And they singled out a sister agency, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, for inadequate oversight over the trucking industry.

The NTSB investigation is also discussed in the February 10, 2016 CBS Chicago article titled “NTSB Blames Lack Of Sleep For 2014 Crash That Killed Tollway Worker.”

If you or someone that you care for has been injured in a vehicle accident, it is recommended that you speak with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible.  There are various steps you should take to protect your legal rights, as well as maximize your injury compensation.

Due to the typical severe nature of truck accidents, injury compensation is likely to be needed in order to pay for various expenses, including current and future medical costs and a variety of other costs (including foregone income) that may incur.  As well, there are other potential reasons for monetary compensation should one be hurt in a truck accident.

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